Chemical & Environmental Testing
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Test
Provision of tests required for environmental baseline study and the on-going monitoring of environmental impact during site activities
FT Laboratories team of chemists provides chemical analysis for a wide range of materials. All tests are carried out to the relevant ASTM (American Society for Testing and materials), APHA (American Public Health Association), and BS (British Standard) standards.

FT’s environmental monitoring team is able to monitor environmental parameters as defined in the EM&A Manual.
Benefits of using FT's service
. Chemical testing compliments our other services, all testing can be carried out by one laboratory.
. FT is continually expanding the number of chemical and environmental tests performed.
Light penetration test—used for geotextiles
Chemical Analysis is provided for the following materials:
Þ Acid-soluble Materials
Þ Chloride Content
Þ Sulphate Content
Þ Alkali Content
Þ Chloride Content
Þ Loss-on-ignition
Þ Oxide Content
Þ Aggregate/Cement Ratio
Þ Oven-dried Bulk Density
Þ Chloride Content
Waste Water and Ground Water
Þ Chloride Content
Þ Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Þ pH Value
Þ Sulphate Content
Þ Total Suspended Solids
Pulverized Fuel Ash
Þ Loss-on-ignition
Þ Sulphuric Anhydride Content
Þ Sulfate Content
Portland Pulverized Fuel Ash Cement
Þ Loss-on-ignition
Þ Magnesia Content
Þ Sulphuric Anhydride Content
Þ Carbonate Content
Þ Chloride Content
Þ Loss-on-ignition
Þ pH Value
Þ Sulphate Content
Þ Carbon equivalent Value
Þ Heavy Metal Content
Þ Nitrogen Content
Typical tests conducted include:

Þ Acid soluble materials
Þ Acidity / alkalinity (pH)
Þ Aging
Þ Ash content
Þ Assay of chemicals
Þ Chlorine content
Þ Dry materials content
Þ In-organic content  ( carbonates, chlorides, oxides, sulphates, etc)
Þ Insoluble residue
Þ Loss on ignition
Þ Magnetic field detection
Þ Metals
Þ Microbial activity index
Þ Organic matter
Þ Redox potential
Þ Thermal conductivity

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